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In Pursuit of chasing the undone...!



Must be wondering how the travel line woke my  hibernated vigour.  The journey which is still unaccomplished. The search which is still underway. Each step has the patience factor with utmost care and perseverance. A single wrong step keeps you away and lets you and your goal in vein. A journey started to make a mark in the hearts of the beloved & for Self.


No two fingers are identical. I happen to deviate from the talents what my clan portrayed. Its the cognizance of extra elements which I always welcomed and fine tuned in my own way. These feathers gives you wings of fire, a ray of hope, an invigorating confidence which speaks to you all the time "Yes! You can do it".


Ye Dil Mange More...

Who doesn't want to get an appraisal or an applause. It leaves you at bliss, the span of your wings increases. these certainly leads you to new paths to extend your grin to further levels. The additional support from the peers, family, friends, etc. an expected thing, but the appreciations and the focus from the media will take you to next..


“Give me few minutes, will give you long-lasting memories”-Shravan Poshetty

My foremost inhale was during April 1985. Had a default stake in the Poshetty's family. With the headway of time, I happen to witness my progressed DNA and its fierceness. I felt the admiration of it, desire to do something unforgettable, thrilled to make a variance, longing to accomplish victory. Time was ripe to split the raw desires which took various forms of the feathers, few of which have become my USP’s. 

“An explorer without proper observation is like a bird without wings”-Shravan Poshetty

In past, I happen to visit Himalayas and fell in love with the tranquil and flawless splendors of the stupendous landscapes, pristine weather, the whispering breeze, copious bases of energy, Luring exquisiteness of the snowy massifs etc. An amalgam of all these have wedged a sting to my core. Subsequently, becoming a mountaineer has been my instantaneous checkpoint and I materialized it through the Basic Mountaineering Course through Jawahar Institute of Mountaineering, Pahalgam, J & K in 2017 and Advance Mountaineering Course (AMC) through Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (HMI) in 2019. My continuous pursuit of peace never stops until I scale and get blessed by the mighty peaks through thorough alpine style mountaineering drills. Have trekked through the various terrains with accrued skills and through primary learnings. I take this platform to furnish my experiences in detail.


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Shravan Kumar Poshetty

B. Sc., M.B.A., PG Dip. & M. Sc. Yoga, BMC & AMC (Mountaineering), IFS


Hyderabad, India

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